Patients Condition

Clinical Diagnose Treatment Start Latest Improvement
Renal Cell Carcinoma with Pulmonary Metastatic Disease Nov 2003

CT on Jun 29, 2004: "Significant interval improvement of pulmonary metastatic disease compare to previous CT 3-19-04. Decreased size and resolution of multiple pulmonary nodules bilaterally. Significantly decreased size of mass invading the left anterior chest wall with associated rib destruction. Decreased size of multiple mediastinal lymph nodes. Stable loculated left pleural effusion. Decreased pleural metastatic deposits. These images show significant improvement of all the areas of metastatic kidney cancer, which is wonderful."

Lung Cancer follow up of Brain Metastases June 2004

MRI on August 9, 2004 comparing to MRI on May 1, 2004: "The largest lesion adjacent to the frontal horn of the right lateral ventricle is unchanged to minimally decreased in size (previously measuring 8.8mm*7.1mm). Left medial frontal lobe lesion has decreased in size previously measuring 6mm now measuring 5mm. Right frontal cortical lesion measures 5mm (previously measuring 7.6mm). Multiple additional scattered lesions have also mildly decreased in size. No new lesions are identified. Bilateral cerebellar lesions have decreased and are now barely visible on the left and small measuring 3mm on the right. MRI on Dec 10, 2004: "There is no evidence of metastasis to the brain, the patient's known multiple metastasis within the brain appear to have completely disappeared"

Lupus with nephropathy syndrome April 2003

on April 2003: "WBC 1.5, RBC 3.48, HGB 11.1, ANA+, Occult Blood2+, Protein1+, Bun/Creat 30".
on June 16: "WBC 9.6, RBC 3.94, HGB 13.2, ANA+, Occult Blood-, protein-, Bun/Creat 29"

Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia, Lymphoma March 2003

CT on March 25, 2004 (Comparison to Oct 10, 2003): "1. No abnormal increased FDG foci are seen suggestive of recurrence of lymphoma. However, there is increasing size of small right illac lymph nodes compared to a baseline CT from Nov 21, 2002. 2. Decreasing size of interminate pulmonary nodules with no increased FDG activity within them."

Mammary Cancer follow up of liver metastases July 2004

on July 7: AFP 36.48; on Aug 29: AFP 23.66
CT on June 1: "Cirrhosis of liver, liver metastases (confirmed on further examination), portal hypertension, splenomegaly, cyst on the right of liver, cholecystitis, choletithiasis, pleural effusion."
CT on Aug 29: "Cyst on the right of liver slighly splenomegaly, no abnormal seen in liver, no effusion in abdominal cavity and pleural.

Nephropathy syndrome and lupus toxemia with edema, high fever and anuria. Patient was in critical condition. Promoted diuresis medicine was used but to no avail. June 1998

After one dose of treatment, urine can pass out. Three days later, edema disappeared. Patient survived, and made full recovery after one year treatment.


性别 出生 病历
1964 第一胎男孩9岁,欲要第二胎。但左卵巢囊肿手术切除。服中药6个月,已怀孕。
1972 结婚6年未孕。子宫肌瘤,无排卵性子宫出血。服药5个月,已怀孕。
1974 有滑胎史,子宫内膜异位。服药2个月,已生一男孩。
1973 结婚6年半未孕。黄体酮异常,闭经,痛经,服药3个月,已生一男孩。
1973 结婚8年未孕。子宫内膜异位,双卵巢肿瘤,腹部常疼痛,头痛。服药6个月,已怀孕。B超查胎儿正常。
1962 第一胎男孩5岁,欲要第二胎。经量少,头痛,有自动流产家族史和流产史。服药6个月,已怀孕。后因咳嗽引起子宫少量出血,服保胎药,现胎儿正常。