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Chinese treatments include both Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They are an integral part of Chinese culture and philosophy for more than 5000 years. The concepts of Yin and Yang and the dynamics of the Five Elements provide the intellectual framework of TCM theory. Analogies are drawn from the natural phenomena to the correlations of organs of the body. Illnesses, including cancers, are seen as a tip-over in the balance of Yin and Yang, which can be caused by emotions, improper diet, over-work, over-rest, phlegm, rheum, or climate factors, such as wind, cold, summer-heat, humidity, dryness, heat. Therapy thus depends on accurate diagnosis of the source of the imbalance. Four basic diagnostic methods are used: inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry and palpation. Clinic properties of thousands of herbs are well-documented. Some can clear heat and toxin; some can regulate blood circulation; some can remove phlegm; some can eliminate diuretic and dampness; some can be applied externally.

Prescription drugs take on different approach. For each diseases, pharmaceutical companies come up with different drugs to fight. Inevitably, they bear two disadvantages:
1. New drug research cycle is usually 10-15 years or longer.
2. Serious side-effects may happen.
We live in a world that the spectrum of diseases keeps mutating. The long-waiting period could be prove devastating. In early 2003, when Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) first broke out, doctors scrambled to search for the effective drug. They needed hormones to suppress the immune system. However, hormones aren't safe. As a result, many recovered patients suffered osteonecrosis later. To date, no immediate cure for SARS is found yet. On the other hand, according to TCM, SARS is caused by pestilence, dampness and heat toxic. Thousands of natural herbs are available to clear away the heat and toxic inside the body. It is reported that when combining TCM treatments with prescription drugs, fever days of patients were significantly decreased and the chance of getting osteonecrosis is much smaller.

Taking another example, in cancer treatment, chemo-therapy and prescription drugs are widely used to fight the cancer cells, and doctors hope that patients are strong enough that human normal cells can survive. But are cancer patients all "strong"? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding "No". Cancer patients usually have weak body immune system, and few can survive these abusive drug treatments. Then what differences can TCM make to those cancer patients? TCM works to keep yin and yang balanced, to boost stomach energy, to fight cancer cells, while strengthening the body immune system. Once immune system is back on-line, patients will recover day by day.

World Health Organization (WHO) have emphasized the importance of TCM, and has promoted its development all over the world. Today, TCM is very popular in Germany and other European countries. Dr. Wang is one of the leading Chinese doctors who successfully treated many cancer patients. His unique diagnosis is based on both the modern medical examinations and traditional methods. He uses TCM, acupuncture, or both in his treatments.

This clinic is specially dedicated to treating people with cancer and varieties of difficult-to-cure diseases. Due to popular demands, we also provide remote diagnose, please refer to contact for details. We hope this clinic will benefit all the patients who are suffering and feeling hopeless.